Fashion Designer Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a fashion designer? As a young teen and into my college years, I've flipped through high-fashion magazines and imagined what that would be like: the appearance of a lavish, glamorous lifestyle and the importance of the profession. Of course, most people know it isn't as glamorous of work as it seems to the eye. 

Whether you have dreamt of it or not, fashion designers do exist and they go about their jobs, daily. After doing some quick research, I learned that the career of "fashion designer" is not so common in most places. The title comes few and far between. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the actual title of "fashion designer" is not a large career in most states, unless you're in California or New York. This shouldn't deter you, if you do dream of becoming a designer.

Here is the takeaway from this; I do not have real dreams of becoming a fashion designer. I love fashion, sure. But I can't imagine myself creating in that way, my passions lie elsewhere. But here is the thing. If you do have a passion and dream to become a fashion designer, do not let these statistics determine your fate. You can do anything with a lot of hard work, determination and will to move forward every day. Become the next fashion designer.

Follow your dreams, go with your passions. You could be the next person to sport the title. You've got my support.